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Aircraft Quality Wood

The only "difference" between the original Spitfire and SAC's Spitfire is that the original was done in metal by hundreds of factory workers using sophisticated production tooling while Spitfire Aircraft Company has chosen to execute our version in aircraft quality wood. There are several reasons that this is a much better choice for home construction:

  • Wood is far easier to work with than metal for the average home craftsman
  • Wood structures can be built using ordinary tooling and methods familiar to more people
  • Wood has greater fatigue life, more flexibility, vibration dampening, and noise reduction
  • Wood is a more friendly material, and more enjoyable to work with material
  • Noisy rivet guns and air tools are not needed for wood structures
  • Wood is far easier to machine, form and repair
  • Wood is as strong as metal even for heavily loaded large aircraft. The famous "Spruce Goose" is still the largest aircraft ever built...with the same types of woods as our SAC Spitfire!