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      4/2015 more progress pictures

Progress photos (click photo for full size version)

A view from behind the radiator, door closed and the outboard side needs to be trimmed down a little - 4/2015

A view of the pivot arm, one side - 4/2015

The linear actuator that operates the door open or closed - 4/2015

A side look with the door open for maximum cooling - 4/2015

A view of the radiator with the door all the way open - 4/2015

Radiator fairings- 10/2015



Flap retract arms installed - 10/2015

Flap extended with actuator - 10/2015

Flap half - way down - 10/2015

Flap fully retracted - 10/2015

Another view of flap fully extended - 10/2015
 1/22/2016 - I've been busy putting one of the 2 machine guns together that I'm putting in the wings of my Spitty. Below are several pictures & descriptions of how they're going together.

To start, I am assembling these to be 20 mm cannons like in the original airplane. They are propane/oxygen powered and it has a cooling tube that surrounds the barrel and blows air back in around the combustion chamber and then exits out the bottom of the wing.

The kits for making .30 cal., .50 cal., or the 20 mm machine guns are available from a place in the Midwest. For more information, you can contact me via the link below.

The kit consists of the circuit board that makes everything work, an ignition coil, spark plug, 2 solenoids (one for the propane & one for the oxygen), all the fittings and copper tubing, schematic & instructions.

Drawing of barrel & cooling tube, just the one on the right - 1/2016

Cooling Box - 1/2016

Combustion chamber with injectors and cooling tube over where the spark plug is installed - 1/2016

Another view of the combustion chamber where the barrel screws in - 1/2016

Combustion chamber installed with tubing into the injectors installed & mounted into the cooling box - 1/2016

A view into the cooling box with the spark plug on the opposite side of the combustion chamber and looking at it through the large hole where the cooling tube goes and the threaded hole where the barrel is screwed in - 1/2016

The cooling chamber, with the cooling outlet sticking up and the barrel attach sticking out the front- 1/2016

Solenoids installed, coil installed with wiring to spark plug & exit cooling tube trimmed to match the exit - 1/2016

Circuit board installed into a protective box - 1/2016

The entire unit installed, view on the bottom of the wing - 1/2016

End of barrel sticking out of inner cooling tube - 1/2016

Cooling tube & barrel secured at the front of the wing ribs right behind where the leading edge wood is attached - 1/2016

A view of the barrel & cooling tube that will have a fairing that will come back into the wing like shown on the drawing. (Wing is upside down) - 1/2016

This is just a very temporary setup to test the operation of the electric circuit board, fittings, solenoids and all. Every thing will be very secure in the wings when installed permanently. - 3/2016

Another view - 3/2016

 Another view - 3/2016
More pictures and video with sound and flames coming soon!

 Fire Buttons - 3/2016
More pictures, prices and information on the Small Parts link.
August 2, 2016 - Things have been very stressful around here for the last 2 months and I have made very little progress on the prototype.

First, take a look at the attached pictures and their descriptions. This has only been the beginning. We have seven of those large Ponderosa pines right next to our house with six of them leaning in that direction.

On top of all the trees that have succumbed to the drought over the last 6 years and then an on-onslaught of pine beetles, the threat of a forest fire here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains have gone from very bad to extreme!

Now, on top of all of this, last Tuesday, July 26th, some jerk started 2 fires just over the hill less than a 1/4 of a mile from our house and thank goodness( AND the Lord) that we have an attack base at Columbia Airport about 20 miles away. They got a spotter plane on it right away and then 2 bombers that put the fires out right away.

Now, we have our camping trailer that we keep up at a campground near a lake at 6500 foot elevation all summer and other than going up for a few days to get away from the phones and computer, it is a place to evacuate to n case there IS a forest fire!!

 The first 3 pictures were taken from our neighbor's yard and as you can see, it is vary bare of large pines. Well, they had 85 trees removed and it cost them $25,000! We have at least that many and there is absolutely NO way we can afford that!! So, right now we are just trying to make it through this summer and fire season and maybe when things get back to "normal", I'll be able to get back to the prototype.

Taken from my neighbor's yard and all the green trees are either oak, cedar or sugar pine - 8/2016

All the dead trees are on my property and the shop is on the right with the house on the left - 8/2016

Another taken across from my neighbor showing all the trees behind my shop - 8/2016

This last shot was taken from up behind my shop and the nice green tree on the right isa Sequoia that I plante when it was about 18 inches tall, and is now about 80 foot tall. The other green trees are cedars - 8/2016

So, this is where we stand and CalFire estimated 88 million trees dead in the Sierra's, but for what has happened in the last 2 months I would say it is closer to 100 million!

January 24, 2017 - I haven't been doing any work on the prototype because I got a job!

I am restoring a set of wings from a 1934 Cabin Waco, covering & painting them, so I had to take the spit wing to the airport so I could have room to do this.

So, my project is on temporary hold until early spring when I will get back to finishing the left wing and then on to the right.

Note that I am still here to help with your project and answer questions, but a paying job always helps towards one's own project!


  For details on any part of the assembly, please email with request.

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