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Current project progress

Progress photos (click photo for full size version)

Tailplane frame

Bare instrument board

Seat mounting frame

Forward elevator bellcrank

Bellcrank close-up

Rear elevator bellcrank

Tailplane with lower skin

Rudder pedals

Control column and grip

Instrument board install

Back of instrument board
 rough wiring / plumbing

Switch and breaker panel

Instrument board and control column

Firewall in position

Instrument board fitting

Side view of fuselage

Tailplane initial fitting

Seat installation left side

Seat installation right side

Future Pilot, left side

Future Pilot, right side

Sheet Panel, Right side, ready for UC Selector

Throttle Quadrant Installed

Right view of windscreen & sheet metal

Left rear view of windscreen

Left view of windscreen, door (both new), old canopy & rear window in place

Rear window frame

Initial fitting of headrest frame

Frame 7

Detail of upper brace

Headrest frame ready for fitting of canopy and rails

Rear view of headrest frame & rear window forward frame

Rudder trim wheel

Rudder and elevator trim wheels in place
working side of the trim wheels. They operate "electric linear actuators" by micro switches instead of the cable/pully method
Side view of windscreen/canopy/door installation

Left rear view of canopy installation

Right side view of the windscreen and canopy fitting and install

 Fuselage delivered to the hanger

Spitfire Aircraft Company, stop and visit

Ready to be "buttoned up"

Engine ready to be offloaded into hanger

First layer of ply
completed on left side



Balsa layer added from radio deck to fin

Becker remote control units in panel.

Inner, rear spar ready for mating to outer section.

Radio deck showing Becker transponder, transceiver with encoder and ELT ready to be covered.

Spitfire exhaust fitted the Allison engine

Spitfire exhaust fitted the Allison engine

Center elevator hinge with the electric linear actuator and trim bellcrank assembly

Actuator, mounting to elevator spar and bellcrank trim assembly. "Actuator is mounted along and near the centerline of the elevator hinge to facilitate easier balancing of the control surface".

Tab with ribs and bellcrank filler

Close up of solid filler for bellcrank mounting

Initial fitting of tab to elevator

Radio door being fitted

Radio door (duplicated from original drawings)

One completed tab the other ready for trailing edge filler and top skins

End view of finished tab

landing gear retract selector, chassis "up"

landing gear retract selector chassis "down"

flap lever showing it in the "up" position

flap lever showing it in the "down" position

micro switches that will supply power to the flaps

Stainless "fishmouth" exhaust stacks custom made for the Allison engine, made from an original Merlin stack

2nd "fishmouth" exhaust stacks view

Note that when one installs these stacks on the engine, it (the engine)

appears to be doing 250 kts just sitting there

Side view

Bottom showing the drain fitting, fuel pump mounting flange,
cuttouts for rudder pedals and fuel spill overboard drain

Top showing the filler, vent connection into the tank, overboard drain pickup and fuel gauge sending unit. Capacity of tank is 100 US gallons+

Rudder and hinges fitting to the fin.
Close-up of hinge alignment.

Everything aligned and holes drilled for the

Tailplane skins with two to go to finish.

Scarf in skin ready for joining skin.

Last skin in place, scarf joint complete.

Butt rib showing
laminations of leading edge, shop dog in


Tail plane sanded and ready
for final coat of sanding primer.


Final coat
of primer and next pictures will have color and a
finished component.

Updates will be more forthcoming in the future to show steady progress on the prototype.

For details on any part of the assembly, please email with request.