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Machined Parts For Sale

New CNC machined parts plus castings from original parts, ready for priming and paint:

Brake Lever, Casting
SAC #1110-8 $85
Early Style Spade Grip, Casting
SAC #1110-5 $260
Fire Buttons           
SAC - $75 each
These are duplicated from the original fire buttons, but they do not lock the button from being pushed. One could install a micro - switch in the back so it is operable, but it would be pretty involved to make the "lock" feature work. They fit the hand grip cast from an original. If one doesn't have machine guns in the wings, it could be used for a push to talk switch. If, however, you install 20 mm cannons as I am doing, an "activate" switch on the switch board or in the panel is easy enough to do, as it is needed any way.

Pictures of 3 different styles follow, please specify, aluminum, brass or black button. $75 each:

Upper control column arm that accepts spade grip
SAC #1107, $560.00
Control Pulley
SAC #1106, $310.00
Pivot yolk for the upper control arm
SAC #1108, $328.00
Compass Mount Bracket
SAC #3040, $200.00
(deviation adjuster shown in picture is not included)

Aileron push-pull rod end
P/N SAC 1116. 4 required per airplane, $25 each or $95/ set.
Aileron push-pull forked end
P/N SAC 1117. 8 Required per airplane, $50 each or $375/set.
Elevator Hinge Blocks
P/N SAC 3312-1, -2 and 4 Required of -1 per airplane, $90 each, 2 of - 2 Required per airplane, $88 each or $520 for complete set, both elevators.
Tailplane Hinge Blocks
P/N SAC 3311 - 1. 4 Required per airplane, $90 each.
Tailplane Pivot Blocks
P/N SAC 3311 -2. 2 Required per airplane, $90 each or $175 per set.
Fin Pivot Blocks
P/N SAC 3123. 3 Required per airplane, $90 each or $260 per set.
Rudder Hinge Fork Blocks
P/N SAC 3211. 3 Required per airplane, $100 each or $280 per set.
Rudder bias unit base
Rudder Bias Unit Base - $150
Rudder Bias Knob
Rudder Bias Knob - $150
Rudder Bias TR Handle Engraved & Painted
Rudder Bias TR Handle Engraved & Painted - $195
Elevator Trim Unit with Micro Switches and Backer Plate
Elevator Trim Unit with Micro Switches and Backer Plate - $250
Elevator Trim Wheel, Aluminum with a Two Pac Satin Finish
Elevator Trim Wheel, Aluminum with a Two Pac Satin Finish - Finished $250

Elevator Trim Wheel, Aluminum - Unfinished $125

Identification Morse Key Bracket
Identification Morse Key Bracket - $80
Water Jet Cut Fittings
Water Jet cut fittings, full set of wing attach fittings, front and rear. $2200 + shipping  (Note, if  you choose the Fuselage Additional Option, these fittings will be included in this service.)
Chassis Lever Covers
Chassis Lever Covers and Mounting Brackets. $450
Throttle Quad and Mount Brackets
Throttle Quad and Mounting Brackets. $2,000
Allison Exhaust Gaskets
Allison exhaust gaskets, duplicated from an original, made from .015" Stainless Sheet Stock. $144/ set of 12 as shown.
Tail Wheel Pivot Blocks (set)
SAC P/N 3401 - $640.00
Lower Fork Bracket
SAC P/N 1111 $580.00
Tail Strut
The tail strut is all new CNC'd to match an original Mk14 retractable strut. It is ready for primer and paint. $3500
Tail Wheel
The tail wheel is new, CNC'd with bearings, spacers to match the original wheel. The wheel takes a standard 10 x 3.5 x 4 tire and tube as used on Stearmans, C190's, Fairchilds, etc. $600
Control columns for 2 Seat Version
One goes in the front cockpit, the other in the back seat, cable guards to be added shortly. SAC # 1101S2 (front) SAC # 1116S2 (rear) - $350 each
Control column for the Single Seat Version
The control column in the single seat airplane. SAC# 1101A $350
Knuckles and Axles
The knuckles were cast and machined, NDT inspected, the axles were heat treated and all were CAD II plated. Cost for these are: Knuckles - $2400/ set, Axles - $520/ set. There are also a set of spacers at $80/ set (not shown)
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