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The SAC Kit

The SAC airframe kit provides all the wood parts to construct a full scale replica Spitfire. You will be able to re-create Mks III through IX. The complete kit also includes all the necessary metal parts, systems, and accessories. Components of the basic airframe kit:

-- See "Pricing" for individual components --

  • Fuselage outer frames 1 through 18
  • Fuselage inner frame spruce and plywood stock
  • Fin post
  • Main fuselage engine bearer beams and lower fuselage beams
  • Prefabricated fin and stabilizer ribs
  • Fin and stabilizer leading edge material, ribs,  spars, ply covering materials 
  • Elevator and rudder kits with ribs and spars prefabricated, ply covering materials
  • Fuselage skin birch plywood and vertical grain balsa core materials
  • Wing kit including prefabricated spars, with all ribs, leading edge stock and plywood for covering
  • Wing attach kit with all wing fittings formed and pre-drilled, bushing stock and attachment hardware
  • Aileron and flap kits
  • Steel engine mount fittings and Allison engine mount
  • Metal engine cowling kit, airframe fairing kit
  • Complete plans and drawings for airframe, landing gear, engine systems, and control systems

Other items available from Spitfire Aircraft Company:

  • Landing gear - SAC prototypes use original main landing gear struts however reproduction landing may be purchased in the complete kit or as a part of the landing gear sub-kit
  • Partial kit and drawing only packages - for the scratch builder
  • Kit upgrades and fabrications services including:
    • Jig-drilled and finish reamed holes in frames 1 and 4 to match wing attach fittings
  • Optional items for the scratch builder include:
    • Fuel tanks
    • Fabricated engine mounts
    • Tailwheel assemblies
    • Reproduction "Malcolm Hood" canopies
    • Cooling radiators