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Why a Homebuilt Spitfire?

Today's homebuilt aircraft represent a significant investment of time, money, and effort. If you are spending months or years to build an aircraft, a large amount of money and considerable hard work, what will the result be? What will eventually fly out of the workshop in the end? A 'toy airplane that buzzes around at 100 mph? A cramped two seater bounced around by light turbulence? A little rocket ship used primarily to transport a ten thousand dollar paint job to an air show display? Spitfire Aircraft Company offers you the chance to create something that brings both history and your soul alive, a work of art.

Many people think of airplanes in terms of their capability to get somewhere faster or further away. It seems that many people choose planes that will put them back on the ground faster than the next plane can.

The reason people got excited about flying in the first place wasn't to put them on the ground somewhere else. It was the excitement of being in the air in an airplane that thrills you, an airplane that makes your heart race just looking at it on the ground, an airplane that lets you hear the sky calling when you are flying it. If you are going to build an aircraft, you should be excited, seduced, and awe struck by the finished product every time you fly it, not just the first.

What kind of airplane can you think of that makes you want to fly so much it hurts? What aircraft would you fall so madly in love with that you'll make any excuse just to go fly? What kind of plane makes a sound so powerful it moves your soul every time you hear it? Spitfire Aircraft Company has that plane and when you are on the ground after flying it, you are heartbroken that the flight is over. Being in the sky with a Spitfire is a destination. One that is well worth the journey.