Donations and Investors

  • As with all large endeavors, large amounts of financing are required to make it viable. The Spitfire is a part of history and by donating or investing is SAC you can keep a part of that history alive to be seen and heard.
  • If you wish to donate: any amount will be gratefully accepted and 100% of your donation will go into the prototype - purchasing parts, materials (or on the completion), operating costs to promote the Spitfire legacy.  A check for any amount can be mailed to SAC or if your wish to use a credit card you may use our order page.  Be sure to indicate that it is a donation and whether you wish to remina anonymous as we intend to make a list of names of who donated to the project. We will respect your wish and keep in confidence those who do not want to be publicized.
  • If you wish to invest: Informal investors will be accepted -no shares in the company will be issued! Your investment will be treated as a donation, however we will keep a record of your investment and will return a percentage (to be determined by the company) on your investment when and if sales turn a profit. Remember, your investment is treated as a donation and any attempt to control, change or otherwise manipulate SAC will have your investment returned.

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